What you need to bring

Before going for the first time to the pool, call the phone to find out if you can access it by pushing a stroller (stroller) and if there are tables to change diapers in the locker room. You will also need to bring:

  • A hot bottle for after swimming, if you feed your baby with a bottle.
  • A towel, preferably with a hood, or a bathrobe.
  • Something to eat; The bath opens the appetite to the babies.
  • Books or toys for the older babies.
  • Some of your baby’s bathing toys to play.
  • Don’t forget your baby’s diaper bag.

Then we show you how you can teach your baby that splashing in the water is fun:

  •  Throw water gently over the body or put down the back and shake gently through the water.
  •  When you go to a public pool for the first time, make sure you don’t do it at peak times. Ask a friend to join you or sign in a class for moms and babies. If you feel relaxed and safe, so will your baby.
  •   When you get in the pool for the first time, make sure your baby’s face is close to yours and keep eye contact, holding near you. As you both relax and become more confident, you can extend your arms and walk through the water.