Children and Mental Stress

Kids are the most intriguing creatures.  They provide so much pleasure to their parents’ lives and the household is completed by them. They would be the variable that keeps the family kicking and living. The right surroundings will add to their development and it will also add to the joy to the home. But tensions in the office or between parents could affect the children and the serenity may be disturbed.

When the surroundings at home becomes out of balance, the kids demeanor will change.  Certain variables may be affected.  These variables are societal approval, functionality pressure, or poor competition.  Simply speaking the children may become vulnerable to these pressures. Children can also develop eating disorders as a means of coping with the emotions.  Kids raised in a home where sexual or physical abuse occurs are at a greater risk for developing an eating disorder.  It does not help that the media and society send a message that being thin is essential and important.   All these will lead the child to feel stressed.

Parents need to recognize food habits. They will need to be aware of the child’s eating patterns and be aware of their comfort meals.  For more serious issues, eating disorder treatment centers for children are also available. They provide expert advice and offer assistance or solutions to the eating disorder.  Parents should instruct their kid to trust in themselves and not allow the opinion of someone else to dictate who they are.   The parents will need to educate their kids that it is “what is inside that counts.” If you want to learn more go to