Enjoy the water

Here are some ways to help your baby enjoy the water and learn the essentials of swimming:

  • Let your baby play with their bathing toys.
  • Throw one of the bathing toys a few feet away and bring the child with you to the water and recover the toy.
  •  Put your mouth under the water and show the baby how to make bubbles. It is important for babies to learn because they cannot swallow water if they are blowing. In the case of smaller babies, you can move a toy through the blown water and make it return to you in the same way; Or at least try to mimic your blow.
  •  When the child can sit down, usually around the sixth month, place it on the edge of the pool and sing a children’s song that refers to a fall. When you get to the part that says “fell!” or something similar, lift and put it noisily in the pool.
  •  Reclaim the back with your head on your shoulder. Try to get him to kick.