Getting Back in the Swing of School Routine

Now that school is back in session, your kids might find it a big adjustment getting back on track after a summer of fun. That’s why it’s so important to help them out. Kids always need structure and routine, so here’s what you can do to ease the disruption from summer to fall.

Stick to bedtimes

Kids need enough sleep. If you’ve been letting them stay up later in the summer, the time to change that habit is now. You can ease them into it by making bedtime earlier and earlier each night until you get to the appropriate bedtime. It will be less jarring this way.

Pick out clothing the night before

Have your children lay out their clothes for school the night before when they’re going to bed. This way, mornings will be less anxiety-filled and there will be no searching for the perfect outfit

Give them a breakfast they want to eat

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and whether they eat it at a table or on the go doesn’t matter. Before school starts up, let them choose breakfast items that they’re excited about. They’ll be much more likely to get up and get going if they’re not suffering through a bowl of bland oatmeal.

Set a getting ready routine

Put a note up in the bathroom with morning routine items that your kids should do each day. For example, brush teeth and wash face should be on there. You can let them add their own to the list too so it feels less like nagging.

Put bags by the door at night

Once homework is complete, all backpacks should be lined up by the front door every night. Everything that needs to go to school the next day must be zipped securely inside, except the lunch of course, which you better not forget in the morning.

Make lunches memorable

Another disappointing thing about summer ending is having to bag lunch for school every day. Soggy sandwiches and a boring piece of fruit will make the day drag on. Get creative with your kids’ lunches by using bento boxes to help you make rolled up wraps, edamame seasoned with salt, mandarin orange slices and other interesting items. You can get these things ready the night before and then pop them into the bags in the morning in a matter of seconds.

Remember, routines take time to establish so try to be patient. After a couple weeks, the school routine will be easy for everyone again and will stay that way…until winter break! Enjoy!

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