How to Survive the School Year?

The school season is in motion.  September is usually a start of a very long ten months of juggling, planning, active involvement, and parental management.  Parents may feel overwhelmed with all the responsibility of juggling all their responsibilities.  So, how do you survive the school year?

Here are some tips that may help you make it through the school year:

Make friends.  Become acquainted with the parents and their kids.  Make a connection with the other parents.  You may be able to help each other in a pinch.

If possible, meet the teacher a few weeks ahead.  This is especially helpful if you just moved to a new neighborhood and your child will be entering as a new student.  Ask the teacher to contact you if any issues arise.  During the school year and if time permits, plan on attending PTA meetings and volunteer to help with school sales.

Pick up a school calendar.  Keep it posted in a place where you can your child can see and follow it. Separate to the school calendar, create a wall calendar so you can keep a watch out for extra-curricular pursuits, evaluations, and holidays.

Organize school items and work in a designated area where it can be organized.

Have a plan of action. Realize that you cannot plan for everything.   But it is extremely valuable to you and your kids to look at potential emergencies that may come up and have a back-up plan ready, just in case.

Keep the lines of communication available.  Check in with your kids to determine if they are running into issues at school or if they are stressed out about something.

Every Sunday, plan something fun for the family.  Find some time to get everyone together, perhaps during lunch or dinner, to discuss the upcoming week’s affair.