Fun Halloween Party

Halloween is right around the corner.  The store shelves have all the ghouls and goblin items on display. Get ready!  Here are some ideas for a Kid’s Halloween Party:


You need to have food.  After all, it is not a party if you don’t have the food and drinks.  You can make the food or order in-entirely up to you. Decorate with maple leaves, pumpkins and Halloween cupcakes with sprinkles to boot. Make some popcorn and add some plastic spiders.  Make a Halloween dessert witch or skull shaped cake.  Make a ruby red Halloween punch.


You must have a contest!  Every child likes to show off their costume.  You can even make a runway to drama.  So nobody’s feelings get hurt make sure you give every child an award.  You can still give awards to certain children such as the most frightful or most adorable costume.   But do not let any child walk away empty handed.  Hold a Halloween candy hunt. This will be a hit of party. You can also make items such as make caramel apples, cookies, lollipops shaped into interesting characters.  You can also hold a pumpkin carving contest or bob for apples.

Set the Stage

Decorations sets the mood for the party.  Visit the local party shop and get black and orange streamers and paste them around the party area. Set off the party by putting festive lights around the party room.  Don’t forget to put on organ music music like the monster mash. Get some black lights to add the ghoulish ambience.  There are loads of fun and audio materials to use for a children’s Halloween party.  You can also grab some Halloween movies – just make sure that it is age-appropriate.