News Flash! You Can’t Control it All

Actually I feel a little sorry for today’s kids. Thanks to liability lawsuits, lawyers, and clients looking to make a buck or blame someone for every incident, our children don’t have some of the great toys we had when I was growing up. Take monkey bars for example. We climbed on those things for hours. But I digress. This blog isn’t on that subject so which is another rant for another day.

Parents, kids are going to get hurt. Sometimes it will be serious. Most of the time it won’t. There are times where an injury might be a positive. I remember when my cousin, who was pretty much a total nerd, decided to go out for football. As his mom tells us, apparently he broke his arm on the first day of practice. Ouch! Guess what? It might have been one of the best things to happen to him. He had self-esteem issues. Now when he broke his arm all the kids wanted to sign his cast. He was a celebrity. He had a war wound. He suddenly went from nerd to cool-in just a few days!

Whether you believe in Divine providence, karma, bad luck, or carelessness, accidents will happen. Let your child enjoy sports. Protect them in a reasonable fashion. But let them enjoy the good things in life. Let them learn when negative things happen to them. Sports can teach your child a lot about life. And letting your child make some decisions about their life will help them take ownership of their successes and failures as they grow up.

Our daughter made us grandma and grandpa this year. She has chosen to live 2500 miles away from us. We don’t agree with every decision she has made but we are proud of her. She is rather independent. She moved out of the house while she was attending Long Beach City College. She is working at a day care center which is what she wanted to do, what she got her education for. She is taking responsibility for her life. What more can a parent ask for?

Will your son or daughter look back on their youth sports experience with a grateful heart, thankful to you and their coaches for teaching them something that they could hold onto for the rest of their lives?

Or will they look back on their youth sports experience as a part of their life they would like to forget?