Safe Fun in the Sun: How to Protect Your Kids

Enjoy this hot and sunny weather while it lasts because all too soon, the weather will turn cold and bleary. These summer days were meant for getting outdoors with the family. Whether you head to the park, the beach, the pool, a theme park or any other outdoor venue, you’ll need to make sure you protect your children (and yourself!) from the harmful rays of the sun. Here’s what you can do to keep them safe in the sun.

Apply sunscreen or sun block

Children have such sensitive and delicate skin. Make sure that you apply sunscreen or sun block to their skin. For children, choose an SPF of 30 or higher to protect them from the damaging rays of the sun. Ideally, you should do this 30 minutes before going outdoors. Choose a waterproof and sweat-proof formula to get the most out of it, and make sure you reapply it after 80 minutes. Don’t forget the especially tender places like the ears and nose!

 Find a shady place

You should always try to set up near a place that has shade so when the midday rays are at their strongest, you can seek refuge from them. It’s a good time to go inside for lunch, but if that’s not possible, look for places near trees or bring your own shade by using an umbrella or a pop-up tent.

Use the right clothing

Clothing made from fabrics that are tightly-woven offer the best protection from the sun. Make sure the clothing you choose can offer the right kind of protection for your child.

Wear hats and sunglasses

Hats are a great way to keep sun off the face and scalp. The best kinds of hats will cover the ears too, but most kids favor baseball caps. If your child insists on wearing his favorite baseball cap in the sun, make sure you protect his ears with sunscreen to avoid a burn occurring there. Sunglasses are also important and protect the eyes from the sun. The best ones will block almost 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Wrap-around styles are great for protection as well as to keep them from falling off easily.

Watch out for those clouds

You might think it’s ok to spend more time in the sun when the clouds are out. Even if it looks like rain, you might let the kids run around in the yard without sun protection. However, that’s a very dangerous assumption. The same goes for the temperature. It might be slightly cooler out, causing you to let your guard down. Clouds and cooler temperatures do not mean you’re any safer from the sun, so if you’re going to be outdoors, protect yourselves!

Follow these tips and you’ll have a summer free of sunburn!